Pro-Wrestling Coaches

Anthony Carelli.jpg

Anthony Carelli

Owner, Judo and Pro Wrestling Coach

Anthony Carelli, AKA Santino Marella from WWE. Anthony has practiced Judo for more than 32 years and has been a black belt for over 26 years. Battle Arts was Anthony's creation and passion and has turned it into what it is today.


Nick Foto

Pro Wrestling Coach

Nick has been a pro wrestler for 20 years with experience with every major company including Ring Of Honor, Impact Wrestling, WWE and AEW. Nick has Wrestled all over Canada and the USA as well as Japan, England, and Australia.


Daryl Sharma

Pro Wrestling Coach (Alumni)

Hornet's classes - attended by WWE Superstars including: Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, and The New Day. Darryl is the first Battle Arts alumnus to be signed to a WWE contract and is currently in Florida working as a referee for WWE's NXT Brand!


Adam Cocca

Owner, Trainer and Pro Wrestling Coach

One of the owners and creators of Hamilton Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Trained under Rip Impact of the Hamilton Pro Wrestling Academy. AC also offers personal training and looks forward to serving our community!   


Ross Eightken

Pro Wrestling Coach

Ross (Buck Gunderson) has wrestled nearly 1000 matches for over 60 international promotions. He's a day one member of Battle Arts and a first class graduate. He trained under Santino Marella and Yuki Ishikawa in catch-wrestling and Judo. 


Yuki Ishikawa

Pro Wrestling Coach (Alumni)

Yuki is a professional wrestler and master instructor from Koshigaya, Japan, best known for his violent shoot-style matches and as the founder of the original Battlarts. Yuki is now back in Japan, however he will forever a part of our team.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coaches

Scott Schilling.png

Scott Schilling

4th Degree BJJ Black Belt

Lineage: Helio Gracie > Alvaro Barreto > Sylvio Behring > Scott Schilling. Scott is Canada's 2nd black belt, learning directly under the legendary Gracie and Behring families, including: Royce Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Renzo Gracie,  and many others.

John Ventresca.jpg

John Ventresca

BJJ Black Belt

Lineage: Helio Gracie > Alvaro Barreto > Sylvio Behring > Scott Schilling > John Ventresca. John has been practicing BJJ for over 16 years and has won world championships in both gi and no-gi tournmanets (NAGA Worlds 2015).


Ken Mills

BJJ Brown Belt

Ken is a dedicated student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and received his brown belt under Robert Drysdale in 2018. Ken has a passion for teaching and competing, and has a wide-variety of tournament experience at IBJJF sanctioned events.

Brendon May.jpg

Brendon May

BJJ Black Belt

Lineage: Helio Gracie > Alvaro Barreto > Sylvio Behring > Scott Schilling > Brendon May. Brendon is a BJJ fanatic, training seven days a week, often multiple times a day. Brendon is well known for his teaching ability and delivers high quality BJJ classes.


JJ Filipovic

BJJ Black Belt

Lineage: Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Leonardo Vieira > Robert Drysdale > JJ Filipovic.  JJ is an avid competitor and multiple time medalist in various IBJJF, NAGA, and OJA tournaments.


David Sciara

Owner & BJJ Purple Belt

David has trained BJJ for 10 years, competing at the highest of levels of tournaments, winning multiple championships and medals. David also has trained pro-wrestling for 4 years under Rip Impact Hamilton Pro Wrestling Academy. 

Boxing Coaches


Tony Wallace

Boxing Coach

Tony is a versatile martial artist. He is a master at Kettlebell fitness. He is an astute boxing coach. Beyond this, he is deeply passionate about fostering genuine, athletic talent and inspiring a commitment to pursuing excellence.

Kru Mat.jpg

Kru Mat

Muay Thai Coach

Mat has over 15 years of Muay Thai experience. Certified Kru under the Sports Authority of Thailand. Kru Mat has competed in over 20 professional fights and coached/cornered numerous Muay Thai competitors. 

Neal Ewers.png

Neal Ewers

Olympic Wrestling Coach

Neal has a level 3 NCCP coaching certification and had a successful career winning various national titles including an NAIA title and 4x All American Status. He placed top 8 in the world and 2nd at the Pan Am Championships.

Scarlett Delgado.jpeg

Scarlett Delgado

Boxing Coach

Scarlette is the #1 ranked seed in Ontario for the elite 54kg division in Women's Olympic Boxing. Scarlette has won many championships including: 2x Silver Glove Champion, 4x Brampton Cup Champion, and Esker Cup Champion.

Kru Nick.jpg

Kru Nic

Muay Thai Coach

Kru Nic has over 15 years of Muay Thai experience. He also has over 10 professionally sanctioned fights in Thailand. Kru Nic has a multitude of experience coaching and cornering various professional fighters.


Carl Clunis

Group Circuit Training

Carl is a certified personal trainer who specializes in circuit training. He has been helping people accomplish their fitness goals for 20 years. Carl has developed and coaches various sports teams' strength & conditioning programs.

Muay Thai Coaches

Wrestling Coach

Fitness Coach