Get Them Involved! 10 Great Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

A friend of yours has suggested that you place your child in a martial arts program. You’ve heard that these programs make children violent though so you’re not sure if you want yours to be a part of it. You don’t want them getting hurt.

This is a common misconception. Martial arts for children promote all sorts of useful skills on top of teaching them how to defend themselves if need be. There is nothing violent about it and they’ll have a blast with it.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading for a complete guide to see how your child can benefit from being enrolled in a martial arts program.

1. Individual Growth 

Baseball and other sports are good ones for your child to get involved with but there is one problem with them. There is a lot of competition involved. Some children either can't take it or don't like the pressure that comes with it so they quit. 

Martial arts is focused on one's own personal growth. They can't let down the team because there isn't a team to let down. 

2. Self-Defence 

Martial arts instructors tell children to avoid a conflict if possible. If something does breakout though, you can rest easy knowing that your child can handle themselves around the school bully. 

They'll be able to protect themselves and someone else if the situation calls for it. This will actually make them feel quite empowered which isn't a bad thing. 

3. Work Toward a Goal 

All children learn and develop differently. Martial arts allows them to take things at a pace that they feel comfortable with. They will never go over their learning level.

They'll earn coloured belts every time they surpass a milestone. Each belt they earn makes them feel like they've accomplished something huge. It will do wonders for your child's self-esteem especially if they don't win a lot of awards in school. 

4. It's Broken into Chunks 

Each move in martial arts is composed of several fluid movements. Most instructors teach these moves to children in chunks rather than throw the entire thing at them at once. 

They keep at it until they are able to string all the little movements together to pull off the entire thing. Your child will feel accomplished when they are able to do it and the constant repetition will instill valuable memorization skills.  

5. It Will Make Them Feel Like a Comic Book Hero 

As your child gets deeper into their lessons they will start to compare themselves to their favourite cartoon heroes and caped crusaders. It's enjoyable for them which means that they are more likely to stick with the program. 

They'll receive all the benefits of performing a sport without realizing that they are learning something because it's fun. It will also inspire their imagination to take off. 

6. Self-Control and Concentration

Concentration is a huge part of martial arts. The child has to be able to focus to learn the moves. When a child's attention does falter the instructor has a method to deal with it. 

They'll say something along the lines of "ready stance". This will allow the child to sort of reset themselves and get a fresh start. 

7. Helps them Maintain a Healthy Weight 

When your child is a part of a martial arts program and is put on a proper diet when they are at home, it will be easy for them to maintain a proper weight. They'll burn a couple of pounds of body fat every month at the very least. 

It's more effective then putting them on some dramatic diet. This is only a short term solution to the problem. Martial arts is a longterm one of your child enjoys it.  

8. Coordination 

If your child is struggling with their fine motor skills then enrolling them in martial arts may be able to do them a little good. The movements will help them get a better grasp of their bodies in a space. 

It also teaches them the old lesson of mind over matter which is valuable for children with disorders such as ADHD.  

9. It's Good for Children on the Spectrum  

Martial arts training inspires self-regulation, communication, cognitive function, memory, and postural control. These are all things that children on the Autism spectrum struggle with. 

Enrolling your child in martial arts can make a world of difference for them. So, if nothing else has worked, why not give it a try? 

10. Promotes Good Behaviour 

Many parents are under the misconception that martial arts cause children to become violent but the opposite is true. It inspires good behaviour. Instructors have a certain amount of rules that need to be adhered by. 

They enforce these rules and encourage good behaviour in the class and outside it. These instructors also teach children that martial arts should only be used for defence. 

Lastly, if your child is holding in any frustrations that would cause them to lash out and become violent, martial arts classes create a safe environment for them to get it out of their system. 

Why Martial Arts for Children is a Good Idea for Your Little One 

Are you thinking about allowing your child to take martial arts classes? Martial arts for children can promote good behaviours and help them develop valuable skills.

Take these benefits into account when you're making your decision. Set your child up for success. 

Are you still looking around for a class for your child? Contact us to learn more about our children's program.

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